Solar charger - PWM or MPPT?

  The electrical energy obtained from the solar photovoltaic panel can also be used to charge the RC model's propulsion batteries.
One of the important components of solar technology is the charger (controller). This acts as a switch that connects the solar collector to the battery and regulates the voltage so that the "solar" voltage is reduced to the battery voltage.





PWM is basically just a charger that only adjusts the voltage produced on the solar panel to a value that does not overcharge the battery. The efficiency is between 50 and 70% (depending on the correct panel and battery voltage).

MPPT is a regulator that optimizes the voltage and current from the panel so that the overall performance is as efficient as possible, up to 95%.

Our testing has verified that

  • The charging controller determines the total energy recovery
  • The PWM controller is basically just a device that won't destroy the battery : - )
  • MPPT stores up to 35% more energy than PWM 

MPPT controller