GPS Triangle and JETImodel?

You are still hesitating if flying a GPS triangle is the right thing to do and you just want to try how cool and really fun it is.

With the app DFM-Maps (by Dave, Russell and Harry') it's really cool. You don't need any timers or stopwatches. Everything is measured and recorded by the JETImodel transmitter system and all DS/DC versions with colour display. Unfortunately, the first generation DS 16 does not have the required computing power, but the newer DS 12 should do the trick. The application is currently translated including voice outputs into cz,de,en,fr and it.


Since GPS flying needs online data, some other source of coordinates will be needed to test it. We have tested MGPS (directly from JETImodels) Altis GPS a RCT Jeti GPS-sensor.

We can definitely recommend GPS Logger from MAV Sense s.r.o. and others výrobce who have communication JETI Duplex EX.

If you like flying the GPS triangle and are serious about it (maybe the GPS Light Class version for starters) then there is a system Albatross.

If you are still undecided, at least come to the three-day race GPS Sport Class in Jaroměř from 28.06. to 30.06. 2024.

 DFM-Maps - GPS sport class Jaroměř